Everybody Poops!

Dear Diary,

Today, Mama M. dragged me outside along with my big sis Madeleine to “do our business”. It was really early and I was still sleepy. Plus it was raining and my paws got all wet. But still, since I’ve been holding it in all night, I had to go right away! There was no fenced in pen, no white pads to tell me where to mark the spot, so I just peed on the first patch of grass I could find. Then, just a little further down the block, Madeleine did her #2, so I did the same. Well, surprise, surprise, but Mama M. got all excited and told me what a good girl I am! She must have given me a dozen treats and was so proud of me! Then we ran all the way home and Mama M. told Mama L. all about it and she got all excited too!

This whole potty training thing is just too confusing. First they put me in a pen with some white pads in it, and I was supposed to go potty in the pen. When I pottied in the pen, they were happy and told me what a good girl I am. OK, I get it. Potty in the pen.  When I pottied on the pad in the pen, they were happy and told me what a good girl I am.  OK, I get.  Potty on the pad in the pen. Then they moved the pad outside of the pen. So…am I supposed to potty in the pen or on the pad? OK.  So apparently, it’s potty on the pad. But why do they keep moving it around? Am I supposed to just follow that pad everywhere? Or does that mean I can potty anywhere in the house? I guess I needed to do some experimenting. I tried to go potty at a couple of places where I thought they wanted me to try, but they weren’t very happy about that. Not happy at all. Not one bit. I got my butt swiped a couple of times and I got really scared.  Maybe I’ve been a really bad girl and the Mamas were going to get rid of me.  Made me shiver just thinking about it!  And Madeleine has been absolutely no help. She kept telling me to do what she does – but she does her business outside where there is no privacy at all! The whole world can see her! That girl has no shame.

Maybe if Mama M. takes me outside really early in the morning and really late at night, nobody can see me. I might be ok with that. Afterall, it was Mama M. who said that everybody poops!


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