“It’s just water!”

Dear Diary,

Ever since Mama M. went on holiday to Maui, Mama L. has been spending more time with me. She takes Big Sis and me out separately, coz she understands that I just can’t be rushed! I really hate it when Madeleine just runs ahead of me and I have to practically gallop just to stay even with her. I can’t help it if I was born without Italian Greyhound blood! At least I can wrinkle my forehead and look cute!

Yesterday, Mama L. tried this weird leash with two leads on it. She hooked up Madeleine on one and me on the other. Besides being thoroughly confused as to where I’m supposed to be, I’m now either getting tangled up with Big Sis or getting dragged around by her. I don’t like that contraption. I don’t like wearing a collar either – it hurts my neck. The harness is alright, I suppose, but I just don’t understand why I can’t run around with nothing on.

This morning, I figured out how to use my back legs to do a vertical jump! That was really exciting! I discovered this while trying to reach for the squeaky lion that Mama L. tried to hide from us. If I push up while squatting down at the time, I get a little bit of a boost upward! I practiced jumping on everything. I can’t quite make it up to the bed yet, like Madeleine, but almost. Then I jumped in the shower with Mama L. and sat there for a while. I don’t know why Mama L. does this every morning, but maybe if I sit there for a while longer, I’ll figure it out. I got awfully wet, though, and Mama L. was laughing the whole time.


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