Somebody had a crush on me today!

Dear Diary,

Usually, it’s Madeleine my Big Sister who always has the boys and girls chasing after her at the Dog Park…she knows how to work it with that tail of hers wagging the whole time. But today, I had my very own fan for the very first time!

His name was Luka and I think he might have been a Chihuahua or a MinPin or some little yap-yap dog like that. Oh wait, Mama M. always says “yap-yap-yau-yau” around me, and then she would laugh, so maybe that’s not such a nice thing to call somebody. Anyway, Luka was chocolate brown and I guess he was kinda ok looking for a dog. He was smaller than me even!

At first, Luka tried to hump me. But Big Sis had tried to do that to me so many times, I kinda rolled my eyes and just sat down. Luka didn’t know what to do after that, so he just started following me around. It was sort of sweet and cute in the beginning, but then he got in the way every time Mama L. tried to throw the cute tennis ball. Then he would just stare at me or sniff at my nose. It got kinda irritating after that and then I just wanted to go home, except that I knew the Mamas would be bathing me and I am not fond of the B-A-T-H.  Yes, I know how to spell.

But, Mama M. ran both Big Sis and me towards the other end of the Dog Park, where there was less activity going on. Madeleine started getting silly and wanted to play chase. So I tackled her and she held on to my cheeks and I growled and Madeleine growled back and then we raced around like crazy puppies and she tried to bite my tail but I was a little too fast and she tripped and fell on my head and I slid sideways on the grass for a good long bit. It was so much fun that all the hair on my back from the top of my head to the bottom of my tail was raised straight up and Mama L. was laughing and she told Mama M.  that my hackles were raised. I didn’t know that’s what my hair was called, but whatever it was, it sure felt good! I like having raised hackles!

All in all it was a great day except for my stupid crush!

Maybe I’ll see him again next week.


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