My Squeaky Lion

Dear Diary,

Next to food, Mr. Squeaky Lion is my most favoritest thing in the world. I play with him everyday, as often as I can. There’s something about that squeak-squeak-squeak that makes me so happy. I think it makes the Mamas happy too, although they always claim to be annoyed by it.

Every morning, right after my morning food, Mama L. would throw Mr. Squeaky Lion as far as she can for me. And I’d run to retrieve him, and Big Sis would run after me and try to wrestle him away from me. But I’m a lot faster and smarter and more mean than she is so I always get it in the end. Mama M. likes to play, too, but she’s really sneaky with her toss. Sometimes she throws it in the kitchen, sometimes she throws it in the bedroom, sometimes she throws it in the bathroom. I can never tell with Mama M. and sometimes Big Sis Madeleine would get there before I can. But that’s ok. I don’t mind sharing most of the time.

When Mama L. gets in the shower in the morning, I would drop Mr. Squeaky Lion in the tub with her. If she doesn’t throw him fast enough, I would jump in the tub and sit there and bark at Mama L. so she would feel more encouraged. I find this method to be particularly effective because my bark is much louder in the bathroom for some reason and Mama L. would yell at my barking and throw Mr. Squeaky Lion a lot faster. I do this about a dozen times every morning. It gets awfully wet, though, and the tub is so slippery that sometimes my paws don’t work.

I like to have Mr. Squeaky Lion with me at all times, if possible. I’ve tried to sneak him in bed with me a few times — one time I even managed to get him all the way down the bed under the sheets — but the Mamas would always find him! Then they would put him away and I would have to wait until morning. I suppose that’s fair because Big Sis is not allowed to bring her Laser Light to bed either.

This morning Madeleine and I got into a vigorous game of Chase the Squeaky Lion all over the house. That’s when she bit down on one of his ears and I on the other. Mr. Squeaky Lion stopped squeaking after that, and Mama L. said no more Mr. Squeaky and threw him in the trash can. She said something about swallowing plastic pieces, which, frankly, does not bother me in the least bit, so I don’t know why she has to make a big deal of it. I don’t know what I am going to do now. I think I am going to be really sad for a while. He was my most favoritest thing in the world. Next to food.

Maybe I’ll go look for Mama M. and practice my sad eyes on her. I bet she’ll give me a yummy treat.


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