Mama L. is so mean!

Dear Diary,

I had thought my Mama L. was the bestest person on earth yesterday when she brought home a new Mr. Squeaky Lion for me. I had really missed him! I was so happy when Big Sis and I ran all over the house with Mr. Squeaky Lion squeaking the entire time! You should have seen us!

I guess we got a little too happy because I started chomping on Mr. Squeaky Lion with a little more enthusiasm than usual (so he can squeak a little louder), when all of a sudden his right ear came off.  

I didn’t do anything wrong. I was just being happy with Big Sis. But Mama L. chased after me and hollered something incomprehensible (something about “swallowing rubber” again, as if that was a big deal). And then she took that picture as if it was evidence of my crime!

I ran all over the house looking for Mama M. to intervene — I knew she would have spoken out and stood up for me — but she was in the shower with soap all over her face so knew she wasn’t much help.

Then I ran back to Mama L. to see if she had come to her senses. (She didn’t.)  This was the last I saw of Mr. Squeaky Lion.


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