Oh the Pressure!

Dear Journal,

Ever since Amy Lee told Mama L. about Socks or Boots or Toes, (or whatever his name is), tweeting everyday to 3 million followers (I am sure that’s just an exaggeration), I have been feeling really overwhelmed with having something to say. Well, I always have something to say. But it’s really hard to be able to do anything about it because I have to rely on Mama L.’s thumbs to type it out. And she is just too busy with work. I am hoping she will change career — maybe she could try being a tailor and make dog clothes….I would buy them if I had money. Maybe she could open up a dog hotel. Maybe she could be a dog whisperer. I always listen when she whispers to me; it’s so much better than when she yells at me.

For example, just look at this picture of me! That was ME over the weekend! Am I  just not the most gorgeous dog you have ever seen? Mama L. took that picture of me right after she planted some flowers for me to nibble on. They sort of tickled my nose so I just had to try them out. They weren’t quite as tasty as I thought, so I just left them alone.

Anyways…while I was trying out these little treats, Mama L. was harvesting her tatsoi. She let out a little yelp when she discovered some little bugs she called earwigs, and threw the leaves on the ground to shake them off. Apparently she doesn’t like bugs as much as Mama M.  I really didn’t believe her when she told me that earwigs were little aliens from another planet, but I have to admit they are kinda freakish looking.


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