Interesting Dog Facts

  • Dogs are mentioned 14 times in the Bible, but domestic cats are not mentioned at all.
  • Humans have kept dogs as pets for over 12,000 years.
  • A 50,000 year old cave painting in Europe seems to show a dog-like animal hunting with men.
  • The oldest breed of dog is the Saluki.
  • Pekingese dogs were sacred to the emperors of China for more than 2,000 years. They are one of the oldest breeds of dogs in the world.
  • There are 701 types of pure breed dogs. (Although this is disputed by many.)
  • The breed Lundehune has 6 toes and can close its ears.
  • Greyhounds are the fastest dogs on earth, with speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. The average dog can run up to  nineteen miles per hour when running at full speed.
  • The world’s smallest dog is the Chihuahua, which means “tiny dog in the sky”.
  • Among purebreds, supposedly the “smartest” dogs are the Border Collie, Poodle and Golden Retriever; the “dumbest” dog is the Afghan.
  • Three dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic – a Newfoundland, a Pomeranian, and a Pekingese.
  • A dog, named Laika, was the first in space in 1957.
  • Bingo is the name of the dog on the Cracker Jack box.
  • Gidget is the name of the Taco Bell dog.
  • The average dog has 42 permanent teeth.
  • Dogs’ only sweat glands are between their paw pads.  They cannot lose heat rapidly by perspiring from head to toe like people do. Instead the dogs sweat by panting, which removes body heat by evaporation from the surface of the tongue.
  • Dogs also pant when they are nervous or excited.
  • The longer a dog’s nose, the more effective it’s internal cooling system.
  • Dogs have about 100 different facial expressions, most of them made with the ears.
  • A dog’s smell is estimated at 1 million times better than humans.
  • Scientists have discovered that dogs can smell the presence of autism in children
  • Using their swiveling ears like radar dishes, experiments have shown that dogs can locate the source of a sound in 6/100ths of a second.
  • Like human babies, Chihuahuas are born with a soft spot in their skull which closes with age.
  • Like humans, obesity is the #1 health problem among dogs.
  • It has been established that people who own pets live longer, have less stress, and have fewer heart attacks.

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