Dear Grandma B.,

Mama M. tells us that you ask about us all the time and that you read our blog every day, but you’ve never been out here to meet us and we’re really sad about that. We’re actually pretty good dogs. No, really, it’s true. Just coz we’re rambunctious and exuberant and joyous and cute doesn’t mean that we’ll drive you crazy like we do with the Mamas, although we could if you want us to. Mostly we just want to meet you coz, well, coz you’re Grandma B.! We can ask the Mamas to make you a special t-shirt if you’ll come out to visit! But don’t forget to bring us dog treats! Like a chewcap or a toy! Madeleine doesn’t have a favorite because she just chases Gingersnap! all over the house with whatever toy, but G! loves Mr. Squeaky Lion, or Mr. Squeaky Anything. But most of all, we just want to meet our Grandma B.! When are you coming out to meet us?

Love, licks and nose nips!

Madeleine and Gingersnap!


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