Dear Diary,

Yay!!! I lost one of my canines this morning!!! Finally. The Mamas were all worried about my retained baby canines and that they would have to take me into the Vet to have them removed. I don’t know why they have to worry about that. They should know I have extra everything. I have extra toes, I have extra teeth, I have extra skin. I have extra exuberance!! I know, that’s a big word for me, but I have lots of it.

The extra canines were starting to annoy me a little, though, so I’m glad they are coming out. I’m tired of chewing on the cabinet corners. Mama M. sprayed something bitter on it yesterday, so I’m sure she’s tired of it too.

I’ll go look for Big Sis. Maybe we can play a game of tug-tug and my other baby canine will come loose.


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