Dear Diary,

Oh my God, what a miserable weekend! I was far away from home and I was cold and tired. The Mamas were selfish and wanted to spend a weekend to themselves. They hauled us off to Uncle Jeff’s and Auntie Lillie’s and dumped us off as if we were a big nuisance to them. Why couldn’t they have brought us along to wherever they went? We would have behaved!

Instead, I spent the entire time hiding underneath the ottoman so that Belle and Daisy would leave me alone! I don’t know why they have to keep trying to smell me! They were really pushing it, too. For a while in the beginning, Madeleine would try to run some interference for me like she’s supposed to, but she then sold out! Apparently she and Belle found “something in common” (eyeroll) and they were inseparable after that. Some fine Big Sis she turned out to be! Daisy was okay, I guess, but she kept barking at me and I just got tired of it. Then I just got homesick and I missed the Mamas and I just wanted to go home and sleep in my own bed.

When the Mamas finally came back the next day to pick us up, I was SO HAPPY! And relieved! (I wasn’t quite sure if they were trying to ditch us. I have huge abandonment issues, you know.) Anyway, the Mamas were also really happy to see us, so I guess all is forgiven. But that didn’t stop me from letting them know how I felt. I had to wait until we got in the car to talk to the Mamas in private (I didn’t want to offend Uncle Jeff and Auntie Lillie in front of them, because they were really nice to us.) But to be sure, the Mamas need to understand that we must never go through this again.

I must say that the only good thing to come out of this is that Uncle Jeff isn’t as bad and scary as I thought he was, even though he is gigantic and smells like a guy. Auntie Lillie rocks, though, coz she is a woman and she understands me and knows what a sensitive puppy like me need and she was able to comfort me even though my Mamas weren’t around. If the Mamas were ever crazy enough to pull a stunt like that again, I suppose I wouldn’t mind hanging out with Auntie Lillie. She needs to go on a diet, though. That belly of hers sure is getting big!


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