Dear Journal,

Boy oh boy oh boy! I had the bestest time ever! The Mamas dropped us off at Uncle Jeff’s and Auntie Lillie’s Camp for Dogs over the weekend, and I had the bestest time ever! First, there was Belle, my kindred spirit. She’s a terrier just like me and she understands how I roll. We chased each other around and around and shared so many stories. She is such a cool dog, and I can’t wait until our next visit!

Second, they have so many different spaces! There’s “Upstairs” and “Downstairs” and “Outside”! Uncle Jeff and Auntie Lillie let us run amok through the house and Upstairs and Downstairs and Outside without ever yelling at us for anything! I am sure the Mamas would have yelled at us for something.

Third, Uncle Jeff and Auntie Lillie left food out all day for us, so we can snack whenever we were hungry. And we were hungry a lot coz we ran around Upstairs and Downstairs and Outside so much! Not only that, Uncle Jeff had duck breast strips! I don’t know why he kept calling it “Crack”, but I like duck breast strips a lot and I could eat them all day long.

I had such a good time, but I was a little worried about Lil Sis. As usual, she was scared of everything and everybody. I tried to tell her that Auntie Lillie and Uncle Jeff are good humans and that their Camp for Dogs was THE place to hang out. Even Little Daisy, Auntie Lillie’s dog, tried to tell her the same thing. But Gingersnap! wouldn’t listen to any of us and spent the entire time moping and shivering under the ottoman. Well, not much more I can do for her, so I made the most of my camping trip. I can tell that Lil Sis is a little sore at me, though, coz she’s been acting a little weird ever since we’ve been home.

Well, in any case, I had a great time, and I hope the Mamas will take us to Camp again soon. Belle had promised me a vigorous game of chase the next time I come back, and I am sure I will have many tales to tell her.


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