Dear Journal,

This might have been the worst day of my life, except for that one day when the Mamas lost their minds and took us to Pet Express  for a public bath! It’s a toss up at this point.

Mama L. came home after work and took me for my afternoon walk. I saw a bee and immediately went over to say “hello”, except, well, the bee had other ideas. Oh my god oh my god oh my god, I have never ever felt pain like that in my life! That bee stuck its stinger in the most sensitive part of my lip right under my nostril! That thing hurt so bad that it made me cry and I ran around and around real fast to try to get rid of it. I even shook my head vigorously and rubbed my nose all over the grass, but I couldn’t get it off.  Mama L. didn’t know how bad it was because I had to go poop like I normally do.

After we went home, Mama L. took Gingersnap! out because it was her turn now. The sting started to hurt a lot worse, and it seemed like Mama L. and Lil Sis were gone for a really long time. I started getting really dizzy and nauseous and I was looking for them out of the window when it started to hit me really hard and I threw up everywhere. And then I pooped again! It was a nightmare! I couldn’t stop the pain and it was actually getting worse!

Then Mama L. and Lil Sis came home and she immediately knew something was wrong because she saw the mess and my ears were down coz I wasn’t feeling good. But she didn’t yell at me and instead cleaned up my mess and started to talk to me really sweet and soft. Then she saw the stinger in my lip! She tried to get me to calm down but I was really scared because that thing really hurt! I trusted her, though, and with one quick move, she pulled it out of my lip. What? THAT little thing caused that much pain? Heck, even Little G’s teeth don’t hurt as much.

Anyway, that’s when Mama M. came home and Mama L. told her all about it. Then Mama M. told Mama L. to call the Vet and they said to bring me in right away! The Mamas threw us in the car and drove all the way up to Montclair Veterinary Hospital. By now, my face had swollen up considerably — my muzzle was crumpled and my eyes were turning into slits because they were so swollen. I was having a hard time smelling and focusing on things so I was getting really scared. But the Mamas kept me calm by talking to me the whole time and telling me what a big dummy but good girl I am.

I love the people at Montclair Vet! Doctor Gary Richter is my favoritest vet in the whole world! Apparently he is everybody’s favorite vet, too, coz he was mentioned in the Beast of the Bay! I have the biggest crush on him!  Anyway, Dr. Richter gave me an anti-histamine shot and a steroid shot and told the Mamas that they need to keep a supply of Baby Benadryl on hand for situations like this.

It wasn’t too long before I started to feel better. I’m almost back to normal now except for the sleepy part. I can’t stop yawning! The swelling in my face finally went down about two hours after the medication. Dr. Richter did say that it might come back so the Mamas should give me another dose soon. Right now I’m enjoying all the attention, though. Not that I would ever go to that extreme again, but it sure is nice to get all the lovings.


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