Hi MeiMei!

Our Mama L. told us all about you and then your Mama Amy sent these pictures of you!! What a cutie pie you are! How come you so shy? You shouldn’t be so shy when you’re this cute. Mama L. said that your Mama Amy had somebody — a cat whisperer or something — come over to talk to you coz you don’t understand English. Or maybe you do and you choose not to listen. In any case, you should know that your Mama Amy loves you very much, and she’s always worried about you and your happiness. She’s cool like that. She’s a good human. We know, coz our Mama L. is a good human, too.

Well, listen — if you ever need to talk to some real felines, you just let us know. Well, mostly Annabelle, coz she’s old and wiser. When Mama L. told us about Max, Annabelle said to just ignore him and he’ll go away. Annabelle has had to put up with a lot of dickheads in her life, so she knows a thing or two about bad asses, and Max just sounds like a bad ass to her.  In her younger days, she used to chase down ferocious avocado pits and renegade red potatoes. Anyway, you just keep that in mind.


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