Dear Diary,

Mama L. came home early today and headed straight for the freezer. She needed a shot of to-kill-ya, she said, to calm her nerves. Apparently there was some sort of demonstration going on down by where she works. Mama L. said it took her almost a whole hour just to get out from the parking garage in her building basement! And since there was just one exit out from her building on to the street, the entire garage was backed up because nobody on the street was letting the cars through. Humans are so inconsiderate of one another.

So I asked Mama L. what happened today (well, I didn’t really ask — Mama L. started to tell me anyway because the to-kill-ya just started to work), and she said it had something to do with a verdict that came out. Apparently a BART cop who’s white shot a black kid earlier this year coming home from a New Year’s party or something. Mama  said that the whole incident was witnessed by many people and it was even caught on camera. It wasn’t about whether or not he was guilty of shooting the kid, it was a matter of how much he has to pay for what he did. Furthermore, some folks are making it out to be a racial thing. Again, maybe it’s because I’m a dog, and a Mutt, so I don’t understand how somebody can  be prejudiced against anybody else because of they don’t look the same way. Maybe Mama L. can play that Christina Aguilera song for everybody!

I guess I feel bad for Mama L. because she gets a little frazzled every time she sees helicopters hovering. The sound they make reminds her of when she was growing up in the war in Vietnam. It’s probably a good thing that there’s to-kill-ya around though. After she fed us and the Cats and brought in some lettuce and watered the garden, she started to feel a little better. She said there’s enough food to last us a couple of weeks, so we’ll be just fine. I hope she’s not touching any of my food! I’m all about sharing, but there’s got to be limits to some things.


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