Dear Beatrice The Cat,

It is I, Sibley the Squirrel. I have chosen to remain incommunicado because I feel quite betrayed by you. You may not know that you have done anything wrong; for this, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and hence this post. But you did not come to my defense when Grandpa Dwight accused me of 1) being a thief and 2) being a liar — and apparently a terrible one at that. Believe you me, if I was to lie, I would not be terrible.

And I am certainly no thief.

This picture here, taken by Mama L., shows some strawberries which she harvested recently.

Furthermore, this picture of the vegetables from her garden shows that her vegetables have remained untouched and unblemished by me.

I cannot and do not blame Grandpa Dwight, because after all, he IS a human, and the Good Lord knows, humans are full of faults. He can’t tell one squirrel from another – and you know that saying: we all look the same. But if he had only looked a little closer, he might have noticed that I am missing a particular set of gonads that was evident in my forebear — the same one that Grandpa D. reminded your Mama L. of the avocado/corn incident.

Again, I reiterate:  I am innocent of all wrong-doings. I respect the garden. I respect the Mamas’ space and use in the garden. I have no intention of raiding said garden, except to occasionally plant a peanut (I am still certain that I can grow a peanut tree!)

As a last resort, I offer this photograph as proof, once and for all, of my innocence. I am not naming names. I will just let the picture speak for itself.


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