Dear Diary,

Mama L. was all worried about my extra baby canine tooth that she kept threatening me to get rid of it or else! I wasn’t sure what the “or else” part meant, because there wasn’t a whole lot I could do about it. Big Sis and I play tug-tug and running-amok and chewing on knuckle bones, but it wouldn’t come loose! Then Mama M. had had enough of me chewing on her cabinet corners that she wiggled that tooth right out of me! It came off with a snap! I have a newfound respect of Mama M. now. And yes, I’m little scared of her too. I hope she doesn’t go for my extra toes. Those are supposed to stay.

But I guess that means I’m not a puppy any more. I’m a real dog now. I’m not really sure what real dogs are supposed to do, because the only real dog I know is Madeleine, my Big Sis. And she’s always getting in trouble with everybody – the Mamas, Beatrice, even Ms. Sibley the Squirrel. I don’t think she’s all that great of a role model, especially when she’s being a dickhead and takes it out on me. Well, even so, I suppose she loves me more than more bones! The only other real dogs I know are Belle and Daisy, Auntie Lillie’s and Uncle Jeff’s dogs. But they’re not real Mutts like us, so I’m not sure how reliable they are as role models.

Speaking of bones, we haven’t a new one in a while. The Mamas came up with some silly notion that we’re only allowed fresh bones on the weekends so they can “monitor” our activities. I don’t know why our activities need to be monitored, because, after all, we only do things to please the Mamas.

Look at this, for example. It took us all day to decorate the kitchen floor! But it was worth all the effort because we just knew that the Mamas would be so pleased when they come home from a long day at work! We tried to get Beatrice The Cat to participate and help out with the decorations, but she wouldn’t have none of it. I think she’s still upset over Ms. Sibley.  Even though Beatrice told Ms. Sibley that it was Mama M. who gave Big Sis the strawberry for the picture, she also knew that it was only half true. Which is why she’s mad at Ms. Sibley, I figured. Coz she fibbed just a little and she’s probably mad at herself too.

Anyway, today was exhausting. Herman, the long-hair Doxie from across the street came over to visit and I was worried that he would behave like a typical boy dog and mark our territory. So I had to bark ferociously to let him know that this is MY space and I’d kick his ass if he tries anything. I’m twice as tall as he is, so I’m sure I have the advantage. He didn’t try anything, though; good for him. Then we got chicken chips coz the Mamas were proud of us for guarding the house, and Bis Sis and I promptly fell asleep afterwards.

Mama L. tells me that Grandpa Dwight is coming down for a short visit. I am excited, but I’m really nervous too. I hope that Ms. Sibley doesn’t have anything plotted out coz I heard from Beatrice that she’s quite smart. I guess we’ll find out in a couple of days.


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