Dear Journal,

Yesterday Grandma B. called out of the blue to talk to me! I haven’t met her yet, but I can just tell from her voice that I’m already her favorite. Then they started talking about planting garlic or something and none of it sounded much like dog treats so I went off to chase Lil G! around the house.

I found one of Mama L.’s socks along the way and we had a great game of tugtug with it.

Lil G! isn’t so little anymore. Her head is bigger than mine now, and she’s just about as tall as I am. It’s getting harder to wrestle with her. I still have the advantage, though, because I’m smarter.  It’s really not about physical strength when it comes to Lil Sis — she really is a strong dog! I have to continually outwit her. Maybe I should start reading Sun Tzu’s The Art of War; maybe there’s a condensed list of tips and tricks that could help me.

Mama M. just reminded me that I’m not Chinese and I don’t know how to read 6th-Century Chinese characters. But she did say that she thinks we’re designer dogs, me and Lil G!  I am a Ter-huahua and Lil Sis is a Bea-shund! It definitely seems like I got the better deal. Lil G! sounds like a sneeze.

Uncle Witold is coming out for a visit soon, so the Mamas will be cleaning up the guest room.  Lil Sis and I will do what we can to make him feel more welcome. We’ve had lots of practice lately, so all should go rather smoothly.


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