Dear Diary,

Mama L. told me that they overturned Prop. 8 yesterday and she was happy about it. She said a lot of people are happy about it because it was very unfair and it was based on hate. I don’t know anything about Prop. 8 because I can’t count that high. Actually, I can’t count at all. Anything over one is “extra”. Like my toes.

Mama M. has been holding down the fort because Mama L. has been so distracted lately at work. I guess she’s trying to figure out what’s the best course of action. Everybody is telling her that she should venture forth and start her own thing, but I think Mama L. is just nervous about doing something new that she’s never done before.

Earlier tonight, Mama L. took me for my before-dinner walk. I stumbled upon Fast Eddy the Cat across the way. I didn’t see him in the bushes and he certainly didn’t see me coming. Anyway, oh my dog, he has it out for me! He’s always had it out for me before, but not like this. He hissed and arched his back and even threatened Mama L. with his claws! Mama L. was very stern, though, and in the end, she told me to walk in one direction and stay away from him. He STILL followed us part of the way, though, and I was really nervous that he would hurt me.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I think both Mamas are going to devote some time for me.


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