Dear Journal,

Mama L. told Mama M. about some Grand Cardinal Cross that was supposed to show up in the sky this past Friday and Saturday. She said that some famous astrologer named Susan Miller, whom I have yet to meet, said that it’s the first time she has ever seen so many planets forming a perfect square to each other, and that it’s unlikely to be seen again! I tried to look for it all day but I couldn’t see anything at all, even after the morning fog had lifted. I don’t know about this Susan Miller; I mean, I have much better eyesight than most humans and I couldn’t see any crosses in the sky. After a while, I got bored, but I managed to get Lil Sis all riled up and played a vigorous game of soccer!

Anyway, the Mamas had decided to take Friday afternoon off because of that Cross. Susan Miller had said that it was going to be a tense day. I thought the Mamas were going to hang out with us and at least take us to the Dog Park! But instead, they spent the whole afternoon golfing! I couldn’t believe it! And it wasn’t the usual 9-hole they played either – that would have only taken an hour and a half. No, instead, they took five hours to play an 18-hole course. Lil Sis and I found a Golf magazine on the floor, and we let our feelings known to the Mamas in no uncertain terms. Perhaps next time they’ll think twice before doing that again!


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