Dear Beatrice The Cat,

I’m not all that smart, so I don’t know why you want to include me in your discussions about coming up with a plan for the Mamas. Maybe you should talk to Big Sis. She’s super smart about everything, even though you call her a Stupid Dog. She knows how to twirl for treats, and she loves showing off to the neighbors — especially to Charlotte down the street, even though Charlotte never remembers us despite our daily walks. I’m not supposed to say this, because Madeleine has a reputation to keep, but I have seen her so well-behaved towards little old ladies! It’s true! It’s when she’s at her best!

But anyway, look at what I can do with my tongue! Isn’t that awesome? I have the longest tongue in the world! And I can clean both sides of my nose! It makes Mama M. laugh every time I do that, so maybe that’s useful to your Plan?


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