Dear Diary,

Yesterday was a bit traumatic, but I blamed it all on Big Sis.

At least Mama L. fed us a good breakfast! The Mamas were racing all over the house looking for my vaccination records. I just knew they were up to no good, if they had to look for records of my shots. Then Mama M. whisked us off to the SPA! You will notice, that’s just one letter short of the SPCA.

This spa is called “All About the Dogue“.  The people there were really nice to us. They probably knew it was our first time there, so they were extra gentle with us.  Mama M. had gotten the both of us the “Premium Spa Packages”, which included a “Pawdi-cure, Ear Cleaning (oooooh, I love that!), Shampooing, Conditioning Treatment, Complete Blow Dry, Shed-Less Brush-out Technique, Tidy-up Trimming, Protein & Lanolin Coat Conditioner, & Cologne”. But, the best part? The Blueberry Facial! You can lick it off! Yummy!

Madeleine would probably kick my ass if she knew I told on her, but she also had her butt squeezed. Hee hee hee hee hee!  As in, anal gland expression! Apparently it is quite a common problem with little breeds like us. Well, I’m little, but I sure hope I never need it. I don’t think Madeleine has been right since yesterday. She’s just been super sweet to everybody, me even. But it could also be coz we smell super good too!

Anyway, their motto at All About the Dogue is “All services includes complimentry TLC!” While I’m not telling anybody to take their dogues there, I would give them two thumbs up – or extra toes, in my case!


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