Dear Diary,

The Mamas were gone so long that I didn’t recognize them when they came home. Big Sis and I were sleeping contently when we heard all this ruckus at the front door. We came charging out and barking and growling (because that was our job), when the Mamas came in. They looked familiar and they sounded familiar and they smelled familiar, but I just wasn’t sure. And my hackles were raised! Could be coz Uncle Jeff was there and he is a Giant and that always scares me. It was a good minute or two before I knew it was the Mamas for sure, and then I was so happy!!

Uncle Brian stayed and watched over us during the week that the Mamas were gone. He took good care of us. He fed us kibble (yay, I love kibble), and took us to the dog park (yay, I love the dog park), and gave us baths (I don’t like baths). He wasn’t the Mamas, though, so I was especially happy when they came home.

Although I can tell that he was mad at us one day. Madeleine and I had raced around the house and we got a little excited and chewed through the bottom box of Mama L’s books. So the stack of boxes — I think 5 of them — toppled over and blocked the front door. It scared us in the beginning, when the boxes fell over and made such a loud noise. But it was really funny watching Uncle Brian trying to get in the house. I don’t think he thought it was funny though.


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