Dear Journal,

It has been a while since I have been able to report any news. I blame Mama L. for this, of course. She has been too busy to pay us any attention. We have been forced to occupy ourselves with whatever is available to us at the moment.

At the moment, I am all about home decoration. It takes lots of practice and thoughtful thinking to be able to display our creativity. In the beginning, we practiced mostly on paper and cardboard. Mama M’s golf magazines were the best — they had bright colors and good paper quality. Cardboard is not very pretty, but it is an interesting subject to study since we generally find that in boxes. One day, we did such a good job that a stack of boxes were carefully positioned against the front door. Not only did we make quite a statement, it provided Uncle Brian with mental stimuli on figuring out a way of getting in the house.

Our favorites so far have been items that can be displayed easily throughout the house. Feathers are such fun because they tend to float and hang in the air before finally settling down. And you never know quite where a feather will land. It’s completely random. Feathers are great when I am feeling spontaneous!

Pillow stuffing, such as being shown in this sexy photo of me surveying my work, is an acquired taste. I say that to make Little Gingersnap! feel better. When I say “taste”, I don’t necessarily mean “eat”. But Little G! has a voracious appetite and will consume anything that she has her teeth on. Anyway, back to me. As you can see in the photo, pillow stuffing is quite a bit of work. They are not light like the feathers so they cannot be scattered about easily. They are also spongy and will cling to other fabric material.

My absolutely favorite thing so far was the discovery of the little red squishy pillow. Imagine my delight when we discovered tiny styrofoam balls within the pillow! I have never seen anything quite so small and so sticky before! This stuff was pure heaven – the balls stick to EVERYTHING! There were styrofoam balls on the couch, on the pillow, on the walls, on the curtains, on Little G!, on me, all over the floor! It was like a Winter Wonderland inside the house! It didn’t take us that long to decorate either — we only had to chase each other around and shaking the pillow vigorously for only a few times.

Unfortunately the Mamas weren’t quite as pleased as we were. Mama L. made a big deal out of “cleaning up this mess” and brought out the vacuum cleaner. I was rather upset that she did not appreciate my art; but perhaps she did. It took her over an hour to vacuum, and I know how much Mama L. hates vacuuming.


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