Dear Diary,

It rained today and I think Mama L. got a little restless with autumn. She tried several different outfits on me, even though she knows I hate wearing clothes. Apparently we’re going over to Auntie Juniper’s for Howl-O-Weenie and we have to have some sort of a costume. Mama L. decided that I’m going as a frog. Why can’t I just go as myself? Madeleine has to put up with it too. She said Mama L. already has an outfit for her, and it’s a pumpkin! I guess being a frog is slightly better than a pumpkin –– at least it’s an animal.

This morning, I saw Fast Eddy and Ahab square it off. They were putting on quite a show too, backs arching, hissing and spitting. Rex was sitting in the middle of the street, paws tucked in, enjoying the show. Even the squirrel (whom I haven’t met yet) was cackling on the branches up above. Occasionally he would throw something at them, most likely a pine cone. We all sat there and watched the show for a while. Ahab decided to back down, though, and that was the end of that. Cats are so strange. I would have voted for Ahab any day. Fast Eddy has it in for me and I’m not sure why.



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