Dear Grandma B.,

Mama L. was scampering around the house putting this away and wrapping that up and corralling us — we thought we finally get to go to the Dog Park. But no! She whisked us off to All About the DOGue again — or the Spa, as she calls it.  Gingersnap! is quite accustomed to being pampered, but Madeleine still have issues with people trimming her paws and swabbing her ears and poking around in unmentionable places. The good news is that Madeleine turns out to be the sweetest, most well-behaved dog after a Spa Day. We think it’s because our fur coats are so soft and we smell so good that the Mamas snuffle their noses in our necks and tell us what pretty girls we are!

Then the people at the Spa put these bandannas on us, because it was Howl-O-Weenie week, to pay tribute to the Great Pumpkin. (We love pumpkin!)  Despite Gingersnap!’s aversion to wearing clothes, she put up with the bandanna just fine, and was even racing the house in an attempt to show off to Mama M.  Madeleine loves wearing doggie clothes, of any kind, because she thinks she gets more attention from everybody. But she’s a big flirt like that.

But the best news is that we hear you and Grandpa B. are coming out for a visit! Mama M. told us last night that you’ll be here for Thanksgiving! Mama L. explained what Thanksgiving was all about, but we’re mostly interested in hearing about the food. Then Mama M. said that you’ll be roasting the turkey, so now we have two things to look forward to:  you coming out, and lots of food!

Oh, Madeleine mentioned that she heard somewhere that Lapp dogs are some of the finest dogs in the world, and that she must be a Lapp dog because she is just as fine. The Mamas laughed and said that if anything, she’s more of a lap dog than a Lapp dog. Gingersnap! had a good giggle after that, but Madeleine was sulking around just a little. Then the Mamas showed her a picture of a Lapphund in ten feet of snow, and that was the end of that.

Love, Gingersnap! and Madeleine


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