Dear Diary,

Mama L. has been playing this old music all week. I can tell it’s really old because nobody listens to it any more. There was a lot of wailing and screaming and hollering. She said it was called “opera” and apparently they used to play it a lot in front of audiences. It’s like watching TV, but with real people who scream a lot. There was this one song she kept playing over and over again, because the Mamas had “date night” and they were going to see some butterfly lady. Then Mama L. told me the story about this butterfly lady (who was Japanese!) who fell in love with some American sea captain and married him and had a son, but he left her to go marry some American wife instead. Personally, I don’t blame him one bit. I would have left her too if she wailed and hollered at me like that all day long.

Well, actually, I couldn’t because I’m a dog, and we’re loyal like that.

I liked it so much better when Mama L. played the harmonica. Even if she could play only one bar from some famous Beatles’ song called Love Me Do. It sounds so much happier than opera!


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