Dear Grandma B.,

It’s only been two weeks, and we miss you and Grandpa B. already! We tried to entertain ourselves by decorating the house with magazine shreds, but the Mamas don’t seem to appreciate it as much anymore. Well, Mama M. does, or at least she claims she does, but I’m not too sure. She always scoops up and throws away our decorations as soon as we’re not looking, but I suppose that only means she just wants more the next day. We do our very best to comply, but come on, are you are coming back any time soon?

Today is my birthday, Grandma. Mama M. is out to dinner with some clients of hers, but guess what? Mama L. made us a steak!! No, it’s true. Here’s a picture of it!

I had to share it with Madeleine, of course, but I don’t mind so much, coz I love her. She’s my big sis, and she knows everything. Mama L. tried to get us to “sit”, which I did, and “leave it”, which I also did, because she wanted to take a picture for you.  But, I kinda lost my patience coz I REALLY wanted my steak, and she was taking too long for the stupid picture, but here’s a picture of Madeleine being very good and leaving it. Personally, I think it’s kinda mean that Mama L. made us sit pretty for so long. I mean, it’s my birthday after all, and my birthday only comes once every human year — and that’s a long time to wait if you’re a dog.

Mama M. said this means I can eat real dog food now. I don’t know what real dog food is — I just hope there’s lots of steak.

Are you and Grandpa B. coming back any time soon?


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