Dear Karen,

I know we have never met, but Mama M. told me that you’re my No. 1 Fan!  I appreciate that very much, because I have always wanted my own fan club. I know Little G! looks up to me and all, and that is as it should be because I am smarter and cuter, but it would be really nice to have human fans. And I know you’re my No. 1 because Mama M. said that you even named your new kitty cat after me! Thank you , thank you. There can never be enough Madeleines in this world!

And, in honor of that, I asked Mama L. to put on this very cute shirt that Grandma and Grandpa B. got for me while they were out here visiting. It’s bright and colorful and happy, and that’s how I feel having you for my No. 1 Fan!


One thought on “Dear Karen,

  1. My Dearest Madeleine,

    You are truly a joy to behold. My first glimpse of your face assured me you possessed a certain panache – that indescribable quality setting you apart from all others. Now I learn of your razor-sharp wit and I’m totally undone! Surely you know I would not consider naming my precious kitten after another. When I think of you – well, you and my little Madeleine, the words of Brian Andreas come to mind:

    Are you a princess? I said & she said I’m much more than a princess,
    but you don’t have a name for it yet here on earth.

    As for the cat, keep a sharp eye out for that one, and watch yourself when coming round corners. I sense evil oozing from each and every pore of that feline. Just a feeling, mind you, but be on your guard and take good care, my girl.

    I’m off to shop for a Christmas Day outfit for my little Madeleine – something along the lines of that stunning ensemble you model in your latest picture. While she couldn’t possibly shine as brightly as you, no one will know as you won’t be standing near.

    Until then . . . with fondest regards and affection,

    Miss Karen

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