Dear Diary,

Madeleine finally told me that she has a real fan club devoted to her. She has a kitty cat named after her. She even  has a No. 1 Fan!

I don’t have a fan club. I don’t even have a fan. Nobody writes me loving letters like Miss Karen did to Madeleine.  Now I know why Mama M. calls me “Eeyore“. I might as well go out and eat worms. Except for the Mamas, I don’t know anybody else who loves me.

I suppose I am very lucky, though. Mama L. cried when she read through the Soi Dog Foundation website. They were asking for donations to take care of the animals, and so that they can have their very own place because there were so many dogs that nobody wanted. The dogs all look so hungry and sad; they need so much help. I am so lucky! I came from one of those places where nobody wanted us. If it weren’t for the Mamas, I might have been eating worms after all.

Today was a good day. I spent the day at the spa along with Big Sis! We smell good, and the nice folks at All About the Dogue put Holiday Bandanas on us! Everybody there loves Madeleine as well. Mama L. took this picture of me making a big wish that I’ll get my own fan club someday. I may not be as smart or as cute, but I am a very good girl with a very big heart.


2 thoughts on “Dear Diary,

  1. Dear Little G!

    Don’t worry your little puppy self that you don’t have a fan club. I know you already do — because I am your No. 1 Fan! Anyone whose mamas gave her a name with an ! at the end must be very special indeed. You certainly live up to your namesake cookie by being very sweet as well as zesty. (In fact, I won’t go on about how ginger cookies are my very favorite, because I wouldn’t want you to get upset at THAT implication!) And I’m sure that if your friends at the doggie spa knew that you had a fan club, they would be clamoring to join. In fact, they may already have formed their own chapter! I’ll be that’s why they always dress you in those cute bandanas and such after your beauty treatments.

    I have to write this message while my little Fiona The Cat is sleeping. Although, if she were to wake up right now, she probably would just walk across the keyboard of the computer, which could be her way of saying “hi.” She generally doesn’t think much about dogs, except to stay away from them, except for the day she jumped at Otis, the nice dog next door. She is friends, however with Otis’s cat companion, Rufus. They usually stare out of their windows at each other, but when they encounter each other in the garden, they are shyly amicable.

    The squirrels at my house are another matter all together. I do recommend that you and your Big Sis keep well away from any squirrels who come into your garden.

    Well, Little G!, I do hope that my letter cheers you up and that it encourages your other fans to declare themselves.

    Be good to your mamas and your sis, and have just as much fun as you can.

    Auntie Peggy

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