Dear Journal,

Boy, what an interesting Christmas Eve we had!

The day started out normal enough. Mama L. made omelettes in her new flip-over gadgetty thing. The first one smelled really good — that was the one she made for Mama M. But by the time she got around to the second one, I think she got impatient and turned the heat up too high. Anyway, the handle sort of melted and it smelled terrible. Mama M. threw the pan away.

Then Mama M. went to get her nails done. But before she went to get her nails done, she told Mama L. that she was a little sad because we don’t celebrate Christmas around here and that we’ve lost the Christmas Spirit. And then Auntie Juniper came over, and Mama L. thought what a great opportunity that was because Auntie Juniper came over in Uncle Steve’s truck! So off they went and got an impromptu Christmas tree! Mama L. also came home with an armful of lights! It was supposed to be a complete surprise to Mama M. because she wasn’t expecting it at all. Little G! and I were a little nervous because we didn’t know what they were up to. All we know is that we had to keep out of the way.

Auntie Juniper and Mama L. were rushing around, trying to get the tree up before Mama M. came home. Auntie Juniper said “let’s put the tree in a 5-gallon bucket and fill it up with some water”, and Mama L. said “okay”, even though there was a little voice in her head said “let’s think about that for a second”, but she ignored it.  I think that’s the same little voice in my head that keeps saying “do it, do it”, even though I know I’ll get in trouble later.

But before they can finish, Mama M. came home, and was really surprised and very happy to see a tree! Her faith in the Christmas Spirit was restored! She spent the next couple of hours putting lights all over the tree. Well, that is, before the tree fell over and 5 gallons of water went all everywhere over our living room. Then Mama M. got really mad and went off to get a real tree stand. Then all was ok again.

Later, Mama L. drove up to El Cerrito because she was looking after her friends’ cats while they were away vacationing in New York. She had been doing that for a couple of days, but this time around she forgot and left the keys inside the house and locked herself out! And she didn’t have her cell phone with her, so she couldn’t call anybody. So she had to break in the house! Mama L. had never broken into anybody’s house before, so it was a little scary. And “exhilarating”, she said. She had to figure out how to get over a tall fence and then climb through a window. She was happy that the neighbors weren’t watching and didn’t call the police. I’m just happy she’s not a regular lawbreaker!

And then later, much later, the Mamas went to CVS. They went a little crazy and brought home even more lights! I have to admit, it looks great around the house. It looks like Christmas!!


2 thoughts on “Dear Journal,

  1. Someone in your family is an incredibly talented photographer! Is it the same person who put that HUGE tree in a 5-gallon bucket ? ? ? ? ROTFL

    The outcome is absolutely beautiful and, yes, Virginia, it does look like Christmas!

    With love,
    Miss Karen

    • Dear Miss Karen,

      Maybe I can convince Mama L. to take some more pictures of me in my various outfits, just for you! Mama L. is an incredibly talented photographer, but she’s super lazy too. And, who’s Virginia? I sure hope that wasn’t a slip. I thought you were my No. 1 Fan!



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