Dear Grandpaw Dwight,

There was a burglary on our block today. The corner house on Manila/42nd Street was broken into when the owners went for a walk. They were gone for only a short time when the burglar threw a brick through their bedroom window and climbed in. You remember that’s usually a pretty busy street, right in front of the high school and all. Mama M. thinks it’s because the owners always leave their windows in plain sight, with no shades on. Well, regardless, it was a pretty scary thing to have happen in broad daylight in our neighborhood. The owners said it was right around noon time.

Personally, we think it’s because Tom and Mary Jane don’t have dogs like us around to protect them. If we had caught them burglars, we would have torn them to pieces! Like the couch that we’re working on right now.  Well, that’s after Gingersnap! pees all over the house, of course. She would do that if the burglar is a man, and it wouldn’t matter what man it is. One time, Uncle Jeff came over and Mama L. was holding Little G! on her hip.  It didn’t matter that Mama L. was holding Little G! or that it was Uncle Jeff whom she’s met many many times, coz she peed all over Mama L. anyway. She did the same thing when Uncle Brian came over last night. Do you know anything that would cure her, Grandpaw D? Neither Mama complains too much anymore, but I’d like to see Little Gingersnap! grows some cojones, pardon my Spanish.

It is beautiful down here in Northern California this time of year, Grandpaw. All the plum and cherry trees are covered in blossoms! When the wind blows, all the little petals would swirl around in a mad dance before settling down on the sidewalk. We would chase after them and bark at them in wild abandonment! This may be my favorite time of year! The last couple of weeks, it has been super warm. Look at this picture Mama L. took of the magnolia tree up front!

Mama L. said you would really appreciate us telling you about the weather because it’s freezing where you’re at. Truth be told, it’s only super cold here in the early mornings. By the time it’s morning and the Mamas have to leave for work, it’s already warm enough for us to chase the cats around. Well, Beatrice anyway. Annabelle has her very own heated bed, so she doesn’t venturefar from it. I suppose that’s ok, because she’s a very old girl and we’re supposed to leave her alone.

Are you coming back anytime soon? If not, are you sending us salmon jerky treats anytime soon?

All my puppy love, Madeleine


One thought on “Dear Grandpaw Dwight,

  1. Madeleine, your letter was even funnier the second time through. I don’t know what to do about Gingersnap!’s water-works issue. Maybe put a diaper on her, little teeny snuggies. She might dry up from embarrassment.

    On to more important issues, up here on the desert there isn’t a lot of salmon jerky. What would be a suitable substitute? And don’t say, ‘smoked letter-carrier’. The news is, I won’t be sending it, but bringing it down myself (I only do this for special orders) some time in mid-March! I’ll keep you posted.

    PS, Proud as I am of my clever name, since, in dog years I’m 462, I’d rather you didn’t refer to me as Grandpaw in public. How about calling me Baron.

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