Dear Journal,

It has been raining everyday for the past week, which means a looooong time to a dog like me. It’s cold and gray and damp in the house. Little Sis and I cuddle up in the daytime to keep warm and catch a snooze. There is nothing else to do. We haven’t been to the Dog Park in a gazillion years.

I am bored beyond belief! I would search for something to destroy, but I think the Mamas are on to me. Especially after the earphone incident, and Little G! pointed out that I have a thing for electronics. The Mamas look at me suspiciously now, whenever they put something down within my reach. I could try to pass the blame on to Beatrice, but she is mysteriously absent during such events. In a recent attempt to amuse myself, I tried to nibble on Annabelle’s ears, but she squealed on me and the Mamas came running.

What to do. What to do. Mama M. is getting her nails done and Mama L. is working. Little G! is fast asleep and wouldn’t wake up when I nudged at her. Beatrice showed me her claws, again, when I tried to play with her. She snagged my nose the other day and it kinda smarted.

I guess I’ll just go chew on the couch for a while. My only hope is to hang tough until it’s Laser Light time tonight….


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