Dear Baron Rousemuncher,

Do you like it — this clever little moniker for you? Auntie Juniper said you coined the term “ROUSE” for rodents of unusual sizes. Doctor Ross told Mama L. who then told me that some people eat rodents, especially the bigger ones like rabbits (she made a rabbit rillette once) — so I hope you don’t mind the inference.

I am so happy that you’re coming down soon just to see ME!!! Will you take me for a walk? You don’t have to bring me any treats, not even salmon jerky, if you take me for a long walk. Maybe you can take me on a long walk along that Alameda shoreline trail you took Mama L.  She loved it, and I am sure I will too. Will you be staying here with us??

I told Gingersnap! that if she doesn’t shape up the Mamas will put teeny weeny diapers on her like you suggested. She said you should go tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree.


One thought on “Dear Baron Rousemuncher,

  1. Dear Madeleine,

    You’ve been around cats (and squirrels) long enough to know that they think nothing about telling a lie. As you know, humans have been around dogs even longer, and have picked up on your insistence on honesty (when you aren’t directly implicated, that is). Therefore I must come clean and tell you that the ROUSE that was attributed to me came from “Princess Bride” (a minor film with no dogs).

    A walk sounds good but we must consult the tide table to pick the perfect moment for you to roll in decomposing fish (I know, promises, promises). Timing is a little vague, but I hope to spend a night or two with you (if your schedule permits).

    PS. The local deer, elk, buffalo, and other jerky bearing beasts, are relieved by your abstinence.

    Sincerely (another dog-borne trait, osmotically transfered to humans),

    Baron von Rousemuncher (as long as it’s rabbit rillette)

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