Dear Baron von R.,

I’m glad that at least one of us is honest. You needn’t have confessed to not coining “ROUSE”, since I’ve never heard of the Princess Bride. But if you say there were no dogs, then it couldn’t possibly have been a very good movie.

Grandpaw, you know me so well!! My most favoritest thing in the world is rolling in anything with a sublime aromatic odor! I would visit the snack bar (kitty box) more often for almond rocas (kitty poop covered in kitty litter) if it weren’t for the Mamas yelling at me, like, ALL THE TIME. For whatever reason, they would keep their distances from me after such visits. Actually, they sound almost disgusted, if you can believe it!

Please do come and stay over with us! It would be so nice to cuddle up to you in bed. I think the Mamas want to play poker with you, though. Mama L. said she lost a lot of money the last y’all played.

Grandpaw, I mean, Baron, I am only abstaining from big game because Mama L. takes really super duper good care of us. She makes us extravagant meals and spoils us nearly silly.  But, I should also mention that Mama M. got Mama L. a gigornimous industrial-strength dehydrator. I don’t know what she has planned, but with something that big, I sure hope there’s something in it for us. I have never seen deer, elk or buffalo, but if you should stumble across one in your back yard, could you please bring it down? I am sure Mama L. would make us some spectacular jerky!

All my poopy love,



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