Dear Journal,

Oh My Dog! What a boring weekend! It rained and drizzled and rained some more. All I wanted to do is sleep! I couldn’t even muster up the strength to play! I just wanted to lay around — I didn’t even want to go to the cemetary to run around like wild banshees!

Mama L. went to some place called Williams Sonoma today and brought home a couple of things that are completely useless to us. Only because we didn’t get any. She made some stuff that smelled so wonderful that it made us salivate! Apparently the Mamas are going to see Doctor Ross tomorrow so Mama L. busted out her new cookie sheet and made something called chocolate chip cookies. They smell so good! I wanted some really bad, but she wouldn’t give us any. Something about chocolate being toxic to dogs. Humph! Doctor Ross is pretty lucky!

Earlier today, Mama M. let the cat out of the bag and told the whole world that I have a little crush on Malbec, the Siberian Husky down the street. He is just the sweetest dog I have ever met. And so gentle too! Everytime he sees me, he lets out a little “wooooo wooooo woooooh”. Then I would climb the steps to give him a lick on the nose. His human, Maria, is pretty sweet too. She always gives me the best rubs behind my ears. I guess the Mamas were right when they say “like humans, like dogs”.

Speaking of cats, I must ask Beatrice The Cat what that really means, to “let the cat out of the bag”. I just want to know if she’s ever been in a bag. And, if being out of the bag is such a bad thing, why do I see so many cats out of them? Do all humans walk around with bags for cats? When will I ever get to see a cat in a bag? Is that the same thing as being on a leash?

The humans have some strange sayings. They compare working to being in a rat race. When was the last time a human has ever talked to a rat? I’ve never seen a rat in a race. Another one of those sayings I found completely revolting is “dog eat dog”. I would NEVER eat another dog! I mean, ewwww, that’s really gross. I like dogs; why would I ever want to eat them? Humans are really weird.

Well, I suppose the Mamas are ok when it comes to us. They try pretty hard to make sure we’re happy. So, to make sure that the Mamas are always kept on their toes, we throw them a few curve balls every now and then. For the most part, we really love them anyway.

Tonight I asked Mama L. to look up a few famous dogs songs. She found some that I really like. Apparently, there are tons of dog songs out there. Not that I had expected any less. Here are a few of my favorites:

Who Lets the Dogs Out:

Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay:

I want to meet Boo!!

And this is my favorite song for little Sis: You Ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog!


One thought on “Dear Journal,

  1. from Annabelle’s desk:
    “Yawn…dogs, yawn…, what piffle. Cats in a bag indeed. Have you ever heard anyone remark about the ‘dog’s pajamas’? We’ve all heard of the ‘cat’s meow’, but have you ever been praised by being referred to as the ‘dog’s bark’?
    And what’s with ‘bark’ anyway, ‘bark’ as your coin of communication? Half the time you sound like you’re choking.
    A ‘meow’, now that’s the way to talk. I can still pull three sweet syllables out of that any time of day.
    Now go away, I’m napping.

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