Dear Auntie Peggy,

I am so happy you wrote to us, coz I thought you had already forgotten all about me even though you’re my No. 1 Fan. I haven’t had much success convincing Mama L. to help me write back until tonight because she’s been so busy with everything. But let me tell you what I know, which is not a whole lot coz we’ve been locked up!

The Wag Hotel is a really nice place, Auntie Peggy. We had our own private room, which was a junior deluxe suite. They gave us a raised bed which we didn’t like too much — it’s supposed to be comfortable — but Big Sis and I pretended we were camping and roughed it out. Although we’ve never gone camping before so I’m not sure if it’s really as tough as Madeleine said it was. They played classical music for us all day, which made us really sleepy. Sometimes they would put some dog-appropriate shows on the flat screen TV for us too. I didn’t look up too much coz it was too much effort to keep my head up, so I couldn’t tell you what shows were on. They were probably something from the Animal Planet though.

The people there were really nice. The Mamas got us a package deal where we would get an hour play time with all the other dogs and an hour walk up on the roof top, and that’s both morning and night! I didn’t like the group thing too much, coz I’m a little shy, but boy, I love the roof top walk!! Madeleine and I would run around like crazy, just like when we’re home.

They also gave us goodies — a stuffed kong and a bully stick — that was pretty nice. But it’s not quite the treats the Mamas would give us. I heard something about a peanut butter sundae which would have been super delicious, but we didn’t get any. There was also a pool, but the Mamas didn’t sign us up for that. I think they were a little nervous since we’ve never learned how to swim. From what the other dogs told me, it’s supposed to be a natural thing that’s in our genes. I don’t know what genes are, but then I don’t know how to swim either. They also gave us a bath Saturday night, and I got all my nails trimmed again. I always get really nervous when they touch my nails, because some of them are black and you can’t see the quick. They did an ok job, though, coz my toes are still intact.

The Mamas came and got us early Sunday afternoon. Boy, were we happy to see them!! I guess that means I’m sort of over my abandonment issues, but that doesn’t mean I like being left in strange places — even if they took pretty darn good care of us. I gave the Mamas a good talking to on the way home — all the way home! But they showered us with lots of love and attention and treats. It’s almost worth it.

We didn’t get to see Annabelle or Beatrice until tonight. I thought the Mamas had abandoned them! That would have really upset me coz I LOVE Annabelle and Beatrice. Mostly Beatrice, though, coz she loves me back. She lets me herd her around the house even though I don’t really know what I’m doing.

So, we’re back to normal again, Auntie Peggy.  But I want to show you something — our report cards from the Wag Hotel. I have never had a report card before. I think I did pretty good, don’t you??



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