Dear Diary,

Madeleine is such a fuddy duddy! She complains so much because she’s out of shape and couldn’t keep up with us! I had SUCH a good time on our vacation! I have never been on a vacation before. The Mamas have us to thank because we’re dogs and if it wasn’t for us, they would have never found this beautiful place! It made me feel very special for being a dog, and I had such a nice time with the Mamas!

There were so many things to smell! There were tons of dogs before us, and I can tell they all had a good time. We sniffed out all sorts of strange new animals I’ve never smelled before. The Mamas told us later that there were deer (they saw a bunch of them!!) and wild boar and jack rabbits and skunks (I know that one!) and raccoons (I know that one too!) and wild turkeys and hawks and turkey vultures and swallows and all other kinds of birds and lizards and squirrels and mountain lions and bears. Although the last two I think Mama L. made up to keep us in line. I don’t know why they call it Sheep Dung Properties; we never smelled a single sheep there.

There were all sorts of new trees and grasses for us to run around in, too! There are these beautiful trees that Mama L. said were manzanitas. They were everywhere and they have such a beautiful smooth red bark. It’s true that dogs can see in color, sort of, when humans describe it to them. There were also a lot of redwood trees! Most of the wood that were left out for the fireplace were redwood remnants and they smelled so good. I had a nice time napping in front of the fire after a little hike. Mama L. made sure we had bones to chew on to keep our teeth clean!

The Mamas were so good to us. They made sure that we got plenty of exercise to keep us happy. We went for a short walk everyday that we were there. They even let us roam around without our leashes on. We were so well behaved, though, that they didn’t have to worry about us at all. I chased moths and butterflies and birds, and Madeleine stared at the ground (a lot) at some lizards. Or at least that’s what she was telling me. I never saw them though. I think she was just dragging her paws so she didn’t have to walk any further. I have never seen her so lazy before!

Piano Lake was the biggest thing of water I have ever seen but it was so beautiful! I really didn’t want to get into the water at first. Well, actually, I was a little bit scared. But the Mamas made sure that I got in and out of the water ok. They put that lifevest on me at first, and then they took it off after I figured out how to paddle. Mama L. stayed in the water with me the next few times to make sure that I can make it back to land ok. I did! All by myself! And Mama M. was there to hoist me up out of the water. It was a lot of fun, but the water was a little too cold for me to go swimming in. Maybe the next time when we come back. Maybe it will be really hot, and I can just jump in!

There were only two things wrong with this vacation. The Mamas made me wear a big orange lifevest thing when we went swimming, and they already know that whenever they put anything on me, I can’t move. It’s psychological, Mama M. said, but it still makes me stand still no matter where I am. I think they hindered my swimming abilities the first time around. I could have been so much better!

The second bad thing (which I didn’t even know about until after the fact) was that Mama M. saw two ticks on my rear right leg! As usual, they both freaked out until Mama L. plucked them out and Mama M. promptly squashed them on the porch with a rock! And then we both got cedar-oiled and then hot baths later and smelled good again. Neither Mama brought Mr. Squeaky Lion or Laser Light, so we were left to dry on our own.

But still, it was such a great vacation that I hope we do it again real soon! Maybe we can go every weekend. That would be super cool! I hope I can chase some wild turkeys the next time!

But I really missed Beatrice on our trip. I wonder if the Mamas will take her the next time. Then it would be perfect!


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