Dear Auntie Peggy!

Mama L. said that tomorrow is the Solar Eclipse and you were all worried about Sarah because it’s her birthday tomorrow and that the astrological sign Cancer was going to be affected by the Eclipse because it is their House! I wrestled with this knowledge for a very long time because I did not understand one single word! But I don’t think you should worry about anything at all because today is Madeleine’s birthday and Mama L. is going to make us a big steak for dinner!

Here is a picture of us waiting for our dinner. I have to sit down instead of running around all excited because Mama L. put this silly shirt on me. Anytime she makes me wear a shirt, I can’t move. Beatrice told me they did that to her too, but she actually falls over. I tried her trick — to look as sad as possible so that they’ll take it off of me, but it only makes the Mamas laugh. Why do they do that, Auntie Peggy? I think it’s mean. Clothing is very itchy, and I try to rub it off by leaning against the cupboards. I don’t understand why anybody would want to wear anything. But then Mama M. would point out that I like to sleep under the sheets in bed, and that’s just like wearing a shirt except without sticking my head and legs out! I don’t think it’s the same thing at all.


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