Dear Journal,

I had a very nice birthday! The Mamas made us a great dinner — we got steak!! It was awesome! I love steak!! Although I don’t know why I had to share with Gingersnap! Afterall, it was MY birthday. I guess I didn’t really mind as much, since Little Sis shares everything with me. I suppose I could be the bigger dog and share a special meal with her as well.

But before dinner, the Mamas sang Happy Birthday to me! They’re not exactly great singers, but since all the attention was on me, I can’t complain too much.

Mama M. is a little worried, because I am now technically a “teenager”. That’s 14 years old in human years! So far I’ve been well behaved, but I need to come up with some devious teenage stuff to keep them on their toes. Not too much, though — I really like these steak dinners.


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