Dear Diary,

Today was a spa day! Madeleine and I got groomed and pampered at All About the Dogue. All my nails are short again, and my coat is super soft and shiny. I like going to the spa, because afterwards the Mamas love to snurfle us and tell us how good we smell! I thought we always smell good, but Mama M. said we were beginning to smell like dogs. I suppose that means we smell like humans after spa days. They always take such good care of us there, and when Mama L. comes to pick us up, they put these silly bandanas on us. And you know how I feel about wearing anything! But it makes the Mamas smile, so I can put up with it for a little while.

Mama L. went to see Amy Lee today before she picked us up from the spa, and as usual, she’s covered in bruises in again. Amy also got her to play something called scrabble online, so she’s been glued to her computer and not paying us any attention. I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I started whinying a bit. Then Mama L. thought I had to go outside, so she walked me several times before she realized I just want some attention.

OH!! Mr. Sprinkler, the scary monster up the street, popped out AGAIN tonight! He was spewing water straight at me. I thought he sleeps all day and only comes out in the morning, and up till tonight I was ok. But now it’s clear I’m just not safe up there. Maybe he’s mad at me for peeing in his yard.

I was just not myself after that. I was too restless and couldn’t settle down so I followed the Mamas everywhere. That drove them crazy, until Mama L. played Squeaky Lion with me and Laser Light with Madeleine. Now everything is back to normal and I can go to sleep now.

It’s been a long day!


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