So happy July is over…now for the Retrograde

I have horrible heartburn.

It woke me up this morning at 3:00 a.m. I drank some water, but that didn’t do much at all. This started on Friday when Michelle went into the ER for her ovary cysts. She was in so much pain and I felt really bad because there was nothing I could do. She’s finally doing better, but now she’s crabby because she can’t run on the treadmill or lift 100 pounds of something.

I had missed going to the JIS High School Reunion that night, but managed to catch up briefly with some old friends on Saturday. I haven’t seen Julie or Robin in 31 years. It was an emotional moment. We grew up together in some of the worst/best places on the planet. I also got a chance to catch up with Esther and Janet and am reminded again how so easy it is to get caught up in your daily life. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing. I just missed hanging out with them, and I totally missed out on their girls growing up into beautiful young ladies.

So that’s part of my new August’s Resolution (I think we should have one every month.) We need to reconnect with old friends and the people who matter to us.

Sunday was just as emotional, if not worse. Kat and others put on a “Celebration of Life for Deb”, my friend who recently passed away from triple negative breast cancer. I had gone in with the “I am not going to cry, dammit” attitude. Of course, I bawled, when they started showing the slideshow with all the old photos…memory after memory. I then proceded to have one of the worst headaches ever, from all the crying. Michelle was such a trooper, even though she was in so much pain. She was rock solid through it all for me. And true to the celebratory spirit of Deb, it brought a lot of us back together for an afternoon party — Bonnie and Julie were there, so were Dakota and Denise; Randy and Chanti both flew in from the blistering east coast.

(Oh yay! The oven repair men are here! Woohoo! That’s one Mercury Retrograde item out of the way.)

Gingersnap! FINALLY pooped, ending the suspense and worry. She went from pooping her insides out to not pooping at all. I had called the vet to see if we should stop the meds — afterall, it’s probably worse being constipated than having diarrhea. Vet said no worries, unless she still didn’t poop by Monday. She finally went yesterday, thank the Good Dog!

These are all small events, and I am sure that individually I could have handled them with much more grace. But they were all packed into one weekend! I probably drank too much, ate too much, smoked too many cigars. No wonder I have heartburn. My friend Amy would probably have a lot to say about that. (Sidebar: Amy is great, btw! She’s treated me for so many symptoms. I just choose to ignore her in certain circumstances, like this weekend, because I know that sometimes drinking too much is actually good for you. Even if you suffer the consequences afterward.)

Last night I gave up the cheapee and settled for some Campari and soda. I don’t think the heartburn has gone away, but at least I started to feel a little bit better. Michelle pulled out a Padilla Lumitado 2006, and I have to say, it is now my number ONE favorite! Again, not a Cuban — a Dominican Republic — but wow, the flavors are awesome!

(Iris pointed out that I should never speak of cigars and the WCRC in the same blog. I just want to point that you don’t actually inhale these things. Dear readers, be like Clinton and don’t inhale; you’ll be sicker than a dog. And I don’t mean Ginger!)

Speaking of Amy, she is STILL kicking my ass at online scrabble. I lost pitifully with the last game, so of course, Amy promptly starts another one. I think you get double points just for starting a game. And even though she claims she no longer cheats, she has confessed to me, very recently, that she used to in the past. I didn’t even know one can cheat at scrabble. You just have the tiles you’re given, right? How you can cheat?

So, Mercury officially starts its retrograde today. For those who believe, back up your system, don’t sign any contracts, recheck all your electronic equipment, and don’t travel. I think the retrograde ends on August 26th, Amy’s birthday. Between now and then we’re supposed to do nothing but things that start with “re-“. As in, recheck, repose, rethink, reexamine, reflect, recount, etc. You get the idea.

BTW, I don’t know if this has anything to do with the retrograde, but the number of cats that have gone missing over this past weekend is just astounding. (I’m on the notifier list for “HomeAgain PetRescuers”. They’re a microchip company and sends out email notifier with a poster of your pet, if your pet should go missing. This is on a very local level, within, say, a 5-mile radius.) Typically, I would see one or two missing pets a week. But this past weekend, there were at least 20 cats that went missing. And the weird part is that they were all cats…no dogs.

I hope they all get found…


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