Dear Journal,

The Mamas are finally home from some place they call “Utah”. It seemed like they had a nice time — they told us all kinds of stories about the diverse animal life and geology and hiking (without us) and good food (without us) and all the fun people they met…..but I just know that deep down, despite all the fun they had, they really miss us. When they finally came and got us from the Wag Hotel, they had huge smiles on their faces and they gave us kisses over and over again, and they told us how much they miss us! We already knew, of course, but it’s always nice to experience it first-paw.

Besides, we miss them a little too.

We especially miss Laser Light and Mr. Squeaky Lion, and snuggling in bed, and walks in the cemetery. Today, the Mamas took us for a really nice walk through Mountain View Cemetery — it’s our favorite place. Lots of uphill and downhill. Gingersnap! loves all the squirrels and birds, of course, because she still thinks they are trying to communicate with her. Silly girl.

I am just happy they are finally home. I really like the staff at the Wag Hotel; they take really good care of us, and they always make sure we have enough food to eat and a warm bed — but it’s just not the same thing as having the Mamas home. Afterall, they are our Mamas, and nobody loves us as much as they do!


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