Dear Journal,

Mama M. took me in last weekend to get my stitches removed. As usual, I was a good girl and was very well behaved. The staff at the Pets Referral Center were really nice and took really good care of me. I pranced about with my head held high and my tail up when I came out of the recovery room. Everyone applauded, and Mama M. laughed with delight when she saw me. It was a good day. And I don’t have to wear that stupid cone on my head anymore.

To celebrate, Mama M. bought me a brand new pink shirt with lots of shiny bling on it so that everyone could notice me.

The hair on my belly is finally growing back and it’s itching a little bit. Could be the fleas though…the Mamas bathed us over the weekend with some nice smelling shampoo. Beatrice the Cat is still mad at us because she got two fleas and the Mamas had to rub her down with some of Doctor Ben’s Paws and Claws Treatment. It’s mostly cedar oil and it smells good, so I don’t know why she’s complaining.

There are a couple of new editions on our block! The humans up the corner where Belle the dog lives now have a new human baby named Eli! Mama L. won’t let us near the baby because of our germs (whatever), but he sure looks cute from what I can see, peeking over the top of the basket. Humans are so weird. It is a well known fact that dogs have less germs than humans do.

Then there is a new kitty on our block. We haven’t met her/him yet, since s/he is mostly perching on a couch indoor. We have never met the humans there either. But they had Fast Eddy until he was gone a month ago. The new kitty is very cute, all white with little orange tips around the ears and nose. Mama L. said that s/he is a flame point Siamese cat and s/he is very handsome. I can’t wait to meet her/him.

All that gender stuff is so very tedious.

I almost forgot to mention that we met Keeper, Betty’s new puppy. (Betty also has a poodle named Sophie, and she is very very sweet.) Keeper was wandering around homeless until he met Betty and she decided to keep him, and that’s why she named him Keeper. Anyway, Betty is going on some vacation and the Mamas are going to watch Keeper for three weeks! Of course, because he is a boy and has no manners, Keeper peed and pooped in our house as soon as he arrived. I can see I’m going to have some hard work ahead.

While Betty was here, Uncle Nick from across the street came over for a visit and brought the Mamas a book called The Puppy Diaries. It’s about a dog named Scout. Mama L. has been reading to us from the book. The author writes very well, and there were some very funny parts and some very sad parts. We think it’s terrific when anybody writes anything about dogs.

This afternoon when we went on our usualy daily walk, Mama L. found an iPhone in a bush in front of the acupuncture clinic. I was about to pee on it when she said “Leave It”. When we got home, Mama L. plugged it in and found out who the owner was and emailed her. We haven’t heard back from the owner yet, but I think Mama L. should keep the phone because I like to chew on electronics.

Grandmaw and Grandpaw B. are coming out for a visit, and I can’t wait! I overheard Mama M. telling Mama L. all the fun and exciting things we are going to do over the Thanksgiving holiday. Even though Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year because of all the food, I am even more excited that I will get to see them really soon. I am going to get a lot of attention!


2 thoughts on “Dear Journal,

  1. Great roundup of your news. I now feel I am up to date! I am pleased that you don’t have to wear the cone anymore – it must have been uncomfortable. I agree that Keeper will need some direction from you when he stays – boys need lots of direction! Tall person has the Puppy Diaries but hasn’t read it yet.

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