Dear Journal,

Mama L. got locked outside the house tonight so she was a little mad at the world. We could her talking to the neighbors, but there was nothing we could do. I think she was all anxious because she was worried about us. It wasn’t until almost 7:00 when the locksmith showed up. It was already dark by then.

Mama’s been mad at the world a lot lately. First there was all that Occupy Oakland. Whatever residual sympathy she had for the movement all dissipated over the weekend, when they trashed City Hall. Mama M. said that during the time the police was there to observe all this, a bunch of really serious crimes happened elsewhere, and the police couldn’t respond. If I was a mastermind criminal, I would use this as an opportunity to knock off a bank.

And there’s the 1997 Kyoto Protocol (which the US didn’t bother to ratify). It was supposed to reduce greenhouse air emissions by 5% annually (as compared to 1990 levels), but instead it rose to an additional 49% over the past two decades. Mama L. said this is why we only have around 20,000 polar bears left. I have never met a polar bear, nor do I want to (I hear they eat dogs for fun), but it makes Mama L. sad that the humans don’t care enough about this planet to do anything worthwhile. And that makes me mad!

So instead, Mama L. cooks to take her mind off of things. She also walks us for at least forty minutes on a week night. On the weekend, we get to go for at least an hour. (Our favorite spots so far are Redwood Regional Park and Mountain View Cemetery.) She bought a brand new pot over the weekend, and she’s really excited about it. It is humongous! Mama said it’s 9.5 quarts! That’s a lot of dog food!

Speaking of dog food, several people have asked her to post a how-to. Both Little Sis and I can vouch for how delicious and nutritious homemade dog food can be. Mama L. makes a big batch over the weekend and it usually lasts us a week. I will ask Mama to write about it in an upcoming post. You’ll need to have a pressure cooker for this one.


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