Dear Journal,

We had a 4.0 earthquake early yesterday morning. We were all still completely asleep when it happened. Of course I immediately took shelter in Mama L’s arms just in case something should fall on our heads. It didn’t last very long — only a few seconds — but I was still scared. At first Mama held me tight and said “Oh, it’s ok Madeleine, don’t worry it will be over soon”…and then when it was finally over, she said “Boy, some dog you are! You’re supposed to protect me!” Jeeez, come on now, it was an earthquake, not a mountain lion! If it had teeth and claws I would have protected her!

Since we live in California, I suppose I should get used to it. Mama said that these little ones – less than magnitude 5 on the Richter scale – happen a lot in the Bay Area. Oakland is located closest to the Hayward fault, but there are others nearby like the San Andreas and the Calaveras. Our last big earthquake that made headlines was the Loma Prieta in 1989 during the World Series. It was only a 6.9, but it killed a bunch of people and brought down a segment of the Bay Bridge.

So apparently we are due for another big one, because all the seismic experts predict that for our location we should be getting a major quake every 30 years or so. The Mamas have been preparing by stocking up on food and water and other necessary items. Mama L. bought two ginormous ALICE bags as her BOBs. I love these names, so I asked who they were named after, and she said they are not really names but acronyms. ALICE stands for All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment, and BOB means Bug Out Bag. I think they should have a MADDIE bag as well, but Mama L couldn’t think of anything creative. Well, howabout Mayhem Adversion Doggy Duffle of Individual Essentials?

Anyway, the way I see it, the Mamas should be able to pack plenty of dog food for us in their ALICE bags. The general advice is to have enough food and water for at least three days, although some web sites recommend seven days. I am going to try to figure out how much dog food that is while I wait for Miss Abby to respond to my dilemma.


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