Oh boy, an email from Grandpaw D!

Esteemed quadrapeds:  Vis-a-vis your issue of anointing a number one fan. The problem with being a dog is that you are not a cat, to whom this is no issue at all. Cats just naturally assume that everyone is their number one fan.

Also, they could care less.

And there’s the rub, caring.  Doggies of your stripe have extreme difficulty not caring.

So, here’s a compromise. Utilize two other feline traits, the ability to dissemble, and a very short memory. Whoever is being good to you at any given moment is your BFF. Keep quiet and let the next moment take care of itself. It will.

Regards to the Mamas, let them know I’m using the MyHike app most every day and my usual elevation gain is 650 ft.

Also, mention I have time in my day to play words with friends, should they choose to chime in.






2 thoughts on “Oh boy, an email from Grandpaw D!

  1. Hey Madeleine! Your namesake here in Walnut Creek. We were just hanging around reading when Miss K showed me saw your bloggy letter from Grampaw. Wow Gee! He is one REALLY smart man and if I were you, I’d listen to what he says – especially about cats and stuff. You know Miss K loves you the most as her #1 dog. She tells me all the time how adorable you are. That’s saying something since she isn’t going to have any more dogs for obvious reasons – only cats. And guess what. She just found your precious little baby picture – the one Mama M sent her that she kept on her computer for when she needed a smile. I have to admit you’re pretty cute.

    I’m going to go finish my book now and then I’m on skunk watch tonight. We had one come visit last night. It’s not a good thing. I’d like to send you a picture of me reading my Kindle so you can see how cute I am, but I have to figure out how to do that first.

    Love, Madeleine

  2. Just craaaaazy about my dog, too! Thanks again for the VBA. I reblogged it. I’m out today but will reply soon! It’s tough to write right from cell phones! 🙂

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