HO-scale models

Dear Bassa,

Per your request. I made these from scratch. They are made from balsa wood — light and sturdy — and in HO scale (1:87). Some people prefer basswood but it’s a much thicker wood (and therefore a little harder to do.) I just used a fine X-Acto blade and some Elmer’s Glue. My dad loved everything old and classic, including the railroads. He converted his 8-car garage (yup, 8 cars) into a giant model railroad set. He was the “engineer” and I was the “architect”. We built small towns here and there, nestled in the hills and valleys of his twelve train tracks.

I started making model buildings from scratch from a very young age. In the beginning, they were made from cardboard boxes. My window curtains were hand drawn with color pencils. Several years ago when I came home to pack up the house after my dad passed away, I found them in an old box. They had been lugged around several countries and were bent and misshapened, but he still kept them.

Anyway, here are the newer better balsa wood version. I took these photos for you while I wait for the boiling water that I just poured down my drain to unclog the clog that I created….

Which one do you like best?


14 thoughts on “HO-scale models

    • celeste!! i didn’t know you read my blog! hi! how are the twins!

      the last one is called grandma’s house. it’s missing a few steps to the front porch. there’s also a detached garage (i didn’t take the picture). but it is very you. πŸ™‚

  1. Wow, I love them all; they are look amazing! My favorite two would be the blue house with the front porch and the white one.

    • Thank you, Ethel nom the plume! I really loved doing these, and I would spend hours (literally, each of them would take me about 3 to 4 days to complete — glue has to dry.) That last house was a bear, so many angles. But yes, I would want to live in a house just like that, too, when I grow up. πŸ™‚

  2. These are incredible! You are very talented. They are all fabulous but I especially like the last one of the house with the porch. I was very interested to hear that your father built a model railway. I would love to see pictures of that if you have any. My tall person’s father built an HO scale model railway with houses and stations and other buildings and tall person remembers spending many hours watching the trains go round. Wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing examples of your amazing buildings.

    • There seems to be a theme here, Bassa — everybody wants to live in Grandma’s House. I will look around to see if I have any photos of the old railroad. But if there are any, that was before the age of the digital camera. Your tall person’s father and my father were probably from the same era. He had a fondness for old classic cars, too, from the early 30s on.

      Anyway, has your tall person introduced model railroading to your little person? There are smaller versions, like the Z-scale, if there were spatial concerns…

  3. Wow! These are really great. You’re very talented. I like the first one and the one that looks like it has glass in the windows. Very cool!

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