Attacked again!!

Dear Diary,

We went for our usual mid-day walk today, and Mr. Attack Cat jumped out and swatted at me. I was not at all prepared for that. The last time he did that, it was sort of my fault…I was in a happy mood and it was morning and I just wanted to say hello. Poor Madeleine tried to protect me and Mama, and ended up with a big gash under her eye. She is so brave; that’s why she’s my Big Sis.

But today I didn’t do anything. Ever since the last incident, I stay clear out of his way now. Mama L. said that Mr. Attack Cat’s human mom told her yesterday that he has a tumor in his head, and he’s been falling down a lot. He’s also really old, like 18 years, which would explain why he’s so crabby.

Mama then cheered me up by telling me there’re all sorts of events coming up. Maybe we can get to go to some of these!

July 4th: Dog Parade of Westies & Scotties

July 14th: Blessing of the Animals

July 21st: Bark for Life to end cancer

July 29th:  15th Annual Bay to Barkers Dog Festival and Fundraiser


3 thoughts on “Attacked again!!

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  2. Thanks Bassa! We haven’t seen Mr. Attack Cat all week long, so we think he’s really gone now. Even though I was mad at him for swiping at me, I am sad that he’s not around anymore.

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