Dear Diary,

We always look forward to our weekends because the Mamas usually take us to fun and exciting places. Most weekends we get to go to Redwood Regional Park, where we hike for 6 miles! Even Madeleine has stopped whining about how long she has to walk. There are so many things to distract us on the trail: people who tell us how sweet and cute we are, dogs running off-leash, bugs, birds, butterflies. Madeleine is always chasing after them. We also saw a dead fox, which looked like it got crushed because it was all flat…but before we could figure out what happened, the Mamas yelled at us to Leave It.

On Sunday we saw something really unusual for the first time. Goats! There were hundreds of them munching away at the dry grass and underbrush. Mama M. said she sees them all the time up on the hills on her drive to work. The goats are for rent, and they are part of fire control measures for a lot of parks and highway properties in Northern California. We think they did a terrific job except for all the poison oak that was left behind. Maybe they don’t taste so good.

Anyway, the goats’ shepherd had roped off areas where they were at for the day. I guess that was meant to prevent them from wandering off too far. We saw a couple of herding dogs, too, and I wanted to say Hello but they all looked pretty serious about their jobs. They didn’t wag their tails or even send off a friendly Woof! There were a couple of goats that were really close by the fence and I wanted to sniff them — I have never seen a goat before — when my nose accidentally touched the fence and … ZAPPPPP!!!! Oh hooowwwll, ow, ow, ow, that was the most painful thing ever! I was running around in circles yipping in pain. The Mamas laughed and said I was electrocuted by the electricity running through the fence. I don’t know what electricity is, but I am staying away from goats from now on.


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