Happy Birthday Tara!

Tara is my BFF and I had the chance to sit down and interview her on her birthday:

Madeleine Bartel: How old are you today? Do you feel any wiser or just older?
Tara Goldin: I plead the 5th!

MB: That bow is very fetching on you, Tara. Is blue your favorite color? Do you have a favorite outfit?
TG: I like blue. But everything looks so damn good on me.

MB: When and how were you discovered? Did your Mama fall in love with you as soon as she laid eyes on you?
TG: I was one of 7 siblings. I was so beautiful I stood out instantly. I was destined for stardom.

MB: It must be very difficult to deal with stardom on a daily basis. How do you keep your adoring fans at bay?
TG: I don’t deal with it, my agent does.

MB: Is it difficult for you to keep your figure? What do you do for exercise?
TG: I have a personal pilates trainer.


MB: Do you have any advice for young lassies like us?
TG: Just remember anyone going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster is a maniac!!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tara!

  1. You’ve outdone yourself, Sweetheart, and I am proud to be your #1 FAN! Who knew there was such a fabulous journalist lurking behind that adorable face of yours. Well, I did, but I’m pretty special, too. With love, Miss Karen

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